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Air Conditioning System Refurbishment – An Alternative to Replacement - (Case Study)

It is common for air conditioning systems to perform poorly within buildings for various reasons with problems frequently being ongoing for many years. The solutions to the problems are often complex and frequently clients believe the solution is to fully refit the system. This costs significant capital expenditure and generally requires the building to be vacated.

Our approach is different. We assess what is actually causing the current problems and identify what is required to bring the system back up to a fully operational energy efficient standard. This can be achieved typically at 10-20% of the cost of a new system. Additionally, this work can usually be undertaken without vacating the building.

Our approach is to undertake a detailed intrusive investigation using our full suite of air and hydronic measurement instruments. The work would typically involve full tests on all control components and air and water flow rates. From this work, we can clearly define a project brief and budget costs for the required remedial works.


Following this activity, we are frequently engaged to manage the remedial works and frequently undertake the commissioning function in-house.

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