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BMS Controls - Saving Time, Saving Money

Many clients have sophisticated building control systems attached to their plant but often fail
to realise their full potential. The Carbon Trust suggests a well-designed BMS can save a client 15% - 35% of their energy bill but we often find the installed system being underutilised.

By detailed examination of clients’ Building Management Systems, we have identified
£’00,000s of savings through various means. At its simplest, it is by ensuring plant on time reflects usage and that settings are appropriate. Though close analysis, conflicts such as simultaneous heating and cooling, (not uncommon), and inefficiencies due to low fluid or airflow or incorrect programming can be identified and fixed.

We have installed self-checking programmes in buildings so that every few months when it is quiet, the plant will run a sequence of self-tests and message the facility manager if any readings fall outside of expectations.

As well as saving on utility costs, ideas like these mean you can fix a problem before your staff notice it and reduce nugatory requests for service.

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