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Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy came into effect on 1st April 2000. The Levy is a tax on the business use of energy. Many intensive users of energy have entered into Climate Change Levy Agreements to mitigate the effects of this tax. Under these agreements (which were renewed in April 2013), businesses that accept and subsequently meet energy saving targets a 90% reduction in electricity from April 2013.

To obtain this discount, the Company must operate an eligible process and submit a detailed application through a relevant trade association.

Joule Consultants can advise if your manufacturing processes are eligible for Climate Change Rebate.

We can carry out the following in relation to Climate Change Agreements:


  • Advise on the steps to make an application.

  • Carry out a site survey to assess the eligible processes.

  • Prepare all the application documents.

  • Manage the Agreements on your behalf.

  •  Provide support and energy management assistance to ensure you meet the required qualitative requirements and retain the rebate.

  • Provide support with an Environment Agency Audit.

We can tailor a package of support to suit your requirements.

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