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Chilled Water Consolidation

Within an area of 2 hectares our client had several large mixed-use buildings, predominantly
offices but also some laboratories and computer rooms. Each building had its own chilled
water installation for cooling.

In total, there were thirteen mechanical chillers in the area of various ages, manufacturers
and condition.

Looking to reduce client overheads, we carried out a study that suggested that, within normal design conditions, only two or three chillers were needed to supply the whole area.
We identified four chillers that still had a lengthy service life remaining and set about designing a “district chilled water distribution system” that linked all the buildings to all the

As a result;

• The maintenance and running costs of 9 chillers have been removed – along with the chillers themselves, several pumps and multiple control systems.

• The overall efficiency of the new system is optimal due to improved load sharing by the chillers and increased turndown ratios.

• Improved building management controls automatically monitor the complete system, reporting on efficiencies and sending alerts to maintenance staff in the event of any plant failures.

Revenue and capital savings, amortised over ten years, are in excess of £250,000 per

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