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Combined Heat & Power

When the process steam boilers required replacement on a large industrial facility, we undertook an analysis of all the heat and power needs of the installation to determine the most cost-effective solution for the client.

We found that different parts of the processes required heat at various temperatures and an assessment of the solutions available determined that a Combined Heat and Power plant would meet all the base load energy requirements.

A four-stroke engine, running on natural gas, provides high efficiency, low environmental impact electrical power. In one year, the generator can provide just under 5GWhrs of electricity or, in monetary terms, around £500,000 of electricity.

While doing that, the engine, like your car engine, generates waste heat.

The engine exhaust gases are led to a combination boiler, capable of producing steam from the exhaust but also fitted with a standard gas-fired burner so the boiler can still be used if the engine is undergoing maintenance.

The waste heat from the engine water cooling systems is pumped into storage tanks and utilised for process heating and comfort heating as required reducing the need for separate electrical or gas fired heating systems.

As well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with the site, the client benefited from savings in excess of £250,000 per annum.

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