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ESOS & Compliance

ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme)


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires all large businesses in the
UK to undertake mandatory assessments looking at energy use and energy
efficiency opportunities at least once every four years.
The deadline for Phase 2 ESOS Assessment is 5 December 2019 and is fast
Assessments must be undertaken by Accredited Lead Assessors
Joule Consultants have a number of Lead Assessors who have a wide experience of
carrying out ESOS Assessments.
Early planning is essential to meet the scheme requirements. We can plan and carry
out your ESOS Assessment to ensure you meet scheme requirements and avoid
financial penalties.



Joule Consultants employ highly experienced chartered engineers who have been engaged within the Building Services and energy management industry for over 25 years. Our engineers have been involved at national and international level setting standards and have been used as interviewers to establish national registers of approved energy consultants.

We have numerous clients whom we manage CCL, CRC and ESOS obligations on their behalf. Some clients have been with us for over 15 years.

We have also undertaken audits of Building Services maintenance contracts and SFG PPMs.

Our services include:  

  • CRC / CCL Compliance

  • SFG20 Audits

  • Mechanical Clerk of Works



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