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HVAC System optimisation - Energy Saving Through Improved Control. - (Case Study)

A fully air-conditioned laboratory building cost approximately £400,000 in energy terms to air
condition per annum with the building laboratories required to be maintained within tight temperature an humidity tolerance. The building HVAC system was designed to meet summer cooling loads and also an intermittent test cooling demand.

Following an in-depth analysis of the control and air conditioning requirements. We identified that the system control strategy and air balance could be changed to reduce air volumes at none peak periods automatically whilst maintaining internal environmental conditions.

Joule Consultants undertook the initial assessment, defined the project specification, undertook the recommissioning works in-house and managed the BMS installation on behalf of the client.

The end result was at a reduction in energy cost of £160,000 per annum. This was principally achieved through a reduction in electrical baseload of some 150kw (principally reduced fan and pump power). Heating demand was also reduced as a result of reduced fresh air volumes. The savings were verified from half-hour meter data and through
 annualised gas consumption reduction.

The project cost was £50,000 with the payback period being less than 4 months.

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