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Solar Photovoltaic Power

When a client presents with a large utility bill and a tract of land that is unsuitable for development, then a solar photovoltaic, (solar P.V.), installation is a possible solution.

Joule Consultants carefully sized the solar plant to the base load of the site such that no power is exported back to the grid thus maximising the investment return. Installation was simple, nonintrusive and the plant performed exactly as designed.

This system, capable of generating over 2.5MW, saves the client over £400,000 per annum, has a simple payback of around 6 years and will last for over quarter of a century with minimal maintenance.

Viable systems can be installed anywhere in England, not just the south coast and Cornwall. Spare land or large rooftops coupled with a daily demand for power would suggest that solar P.V. is the right solution and system efficiencies are increasing at the same time as installation costs are decreasing.

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