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Sustainability and Renewables

Sustainability and renewables are the current buzzwords in our industry. This usually means investing in expensive renewables which more often than not, do not deliver the promised savings. In fact, when lifecycle and maintenance costs are taken into account, overall operating costs can frequently be higher.


At Joule Consultants, we take a different approach. Firstly, we ensure the correct systems are specified and sized correctly. Then we ensure, sufficient controls and monitoring systems are specified which will enable energy and life-cycle costs are minimised.


We then look at renewable technologies and look to size them to suit the revised base loads.


We have extensive experience in the application of zero and low carbon technologies and have designed and commissioned the following schemes:



  • CHP and Trigen Schemes

  • Application of air blast coolers (ABCs)for computer room cooling

  • Solar electric installations

  • Solar thermal installations

  • Biomass Heating

  • Wind Generation

  • Electricity generation from municipal waste


Joule Consultants can offer a complete service including:


  • Initial feasibility assessment

  • System design

  • Project management

  • Management of Commissioning Process

  • Post completion monitoring



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