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VAV Systems

Often, when air conditioning systems appear to have failed and client’s start thinking about a replacement, it may not be necessary. In a two storey office block, the air conditioning system had deteriorated to such an extent that occupancy levels had to be reduced to help maintain a comfortable environment.

The client had been advised that the installed Variable Air Volume system was unserviceable and the replacement costs would be over £3,000,000.

Joule Consultants were asked to carry out a survey and it was found that much of the basic plant was serviceable but, over the years, parts had failed, dampers been adjusted or closed. Maintenance staff, in their efforts to respond to customer complaints, had changed many settings resulting in a total system imbalance.

Joule Consultants managed the replacement of out dated pneumatic controls system, retrofitted modern controls and fully recommissioned the system.

Variable Air Volume systems are notoriously difficult to commission and require great care and expertise but when running correctly, provide a very stable environment for staff.

In this instance, performance was brought back up to the initial design intent but with improved control and reduced energy use. Full occupancy of the building was again possible. The cost? Less than 10% of what the client thought he had to provision.

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